Heat of the moment sends Miami packing

April 30, 2007


The Miami Heat’s defense of their 2006 NBA title went by the wayside Sunday afternoon, when they were swept by a sharper, more engergetic Chicago Bulls team. These aren’t your older brother’s Bulls of the 90’s, but make no mistake about it, they are for real. Led by star guards Kirk Hinrich and Ben Gordon, the Bulls have a mix of inside and outside guys, highlighted by the prowess of big man Ben Wallace and the versatility of former Duke standout, Luol Deng. They are a young team, but could take the Bulls deep into the playoffs.

The Heat, on the other hand, limped into the playoffs. Shaq hasn’t been the same big man he once was. Dwyane Wade hurt his shoulder in February and opted to rehab instead of having surgery. The early departure from the playoffs, however, should give Wade the incentive to be operated on.

It was only last year that the Heat were champions, but now it seems like both these teams are headed in opposite directions. The young Bulls are up and coming, while the heat continue to look older and older everytime they take the floor.

Check out highlights from the Heat’s run to a championship last season:


2 Responses to “Heat of the moment sends Miami packing”

  1. jimroz Says:

    I wasn’t that surprised to see the Heat go down, but the fashion they went down was extremely surprising. I still do not think they will beat the Pistons though, we should all not hope for Lebron to get a beaten down opponent in the Easter Conference Championship and have a little Lebron magic in the NBA Finals.

  2. yankeevmm Says:

    I second that. I expected the Heat to lose, they were more of a veteran team making a last hoorah than having any sort of dynasty potential. In the preseason, I had the Cavs and Bulls in the NBA finals, along with the Spurs and and Suns, so we shall see I guess.

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