Welcome Randy

April 29, 2007


So Randy Moss, the NFL’s bad boy, will be donning a Patriots uniform next year. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. There’s no question that I am sold on his talent and ability on the field. But the Pats have long had a “team first” mentality and Moss is the antithesis of that attitude. However, rumor has it that Moss will be restructuring his current deal to free up some cap space. That’s an admirable thing in itself and a scenario which doesn’t typically arise in professional sports.

With all personal issues aside, the Brady-Moss connection is probably the best quarterback/receiver tandem in the league, although an argument could be made for Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Either way, the Pats look like the frontrunners to win next season’s Super Bowl. They have sured up their receiving corps and strengthened their defense, so I don’t see why that can’t happen.

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3 Responses to “Welcome Randy”

  1. As a Patriots fan I am excited to hear this news. I am sure Moss will fit in perfectly with the Patriots, and I see no reason for them to not win another Super Bowl. I did not watch the draft religiously this year because I really see no sense in seeing who is on teams until the actual season comes around, or at least closer to it. But hearing this makes me more anxious for that time to come.

  2. alexander Says:

    i hate the patriots and i hate randy moss.

  3. reneetraynor Says:

    I don’t follow football at all, but good post. I guess a publicized NFL bad boy can at least make the season more interesting.

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