Give me the sweep boys

April 23, 2007


The Red Sox have finally done what they hadn’t in 17 years: sweep the Yankees at Fenway. And with the sweep comes a four-game lead over the Bombers in the East. Yes, it’s April. Yes, it was only one series. But every game counts. Last night was no different. The Sox were even able to tie a Major League record, combining to hit four home runs in a row off rookie starter Chase Wright. That’s pretty impressive no matter who an opposing team trots out to the mound.

Although it’s a great start, the Sox don’t have much time to relish their wins. They are back at it again this weekend in the Bronx. The pitching matchups don’t look nearly as solid as they did in this first series, but the bats are coming around and maybe they can use their offense to propel them to another series win.

On a sour note, Daisuke hasn’t look nearly as good as advertised. At times he has flashes of brilliance. Then he goes out and gives up four straight hits. Hopefully he will start earning his millions.

Check out more photos of last night’s season finale here.


2 Responses to “Give me the sweep boys”

  1. Yo Brendan That was a great series to watch. We got to walk around campus and proudly wear our sox gear. Yanks are on the ropes now if we can even go into the Bronx and win 2 out of 3 i would be pumped. Lets go sox!

  2. Brandon Says:

    Dowding? How many wins is enough? Leave the Yankees alone. We’re struggling here. What kind of team kicks another while its down? The Red Sox have no integrity. Carlton Fisk hijacked Thurman Munsons plane, fans spit on Ted Williams, Jason Varitek gay-slapped Arod and it somehow led to a streak that would end with the world series. Now the Sox and Yanks have traded places, so what. I wont cry…..strong men never cry….agagahagahhaga

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