Hockey wouldn’t be the same without the brawls

February 26, 2007


Last week, the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators engaged in one of the biggest brawls in hockey history. After Chris Drury was knocked to the ice with a suspected concussion, the Sabres retaliated immediately by starting several small scuffles with the Senators that eventually turned into all-out fist fights. At the end of the melee, 100 pentalty minutes were dished out and even the goalies were seen exchanging blows. Surely, it was an exhibition in how dirty sports can be.

On the other hand, it’s also an exhibition of how beautiful the sport of hockey is. Where else can athletes let loose with their emotions and throw fist after fist at their opponent’s head? It sounds brutal, but this is what makes hockey great. The tenacity, the fire, the camraderie. All of these things make it an admirable and likeable game. Okay, you’re going to mess with our goalie? You better watch your backs then, because we are coming right back at you. You gotta love it, eh?

Watch the brawl unfold:


One Response to “Hockey wouldn’t be the same without the brawls”

  1. Prof. Hancock Says:

    How come if there is a fight in the NBA, the league and its players are called thuggish and the hip hop lifestyle is blamed for the violence. But a hockey fight is called “beautiful,” and in NASCAR when those guys put up their fists, it’s called boys being boys. For some reason I believe race has something to do with how some people perceive these events.

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