Onto Green(er) Pastures

February 19, 2007


Second-year Celtic swingman Gerald Green finally gave Boston fans a reason to smile over the weekend, winning the highly-touted All-Star slamn dunk contest. Although at the end of the year the Celtics may wind up with the worst record in the league, Green showed why his future as a Celtic certainly looks promising. His athleticism and leaping ability put him in the upper echelon of young players in the NBA.

Green’s silky smooth jumper also resembles the great Larry Bird’s, and many Boston fans may find it easier to forget about the teams 19-game losing streak with the promise of this talented young man’s future on the horizon. Couple Green’s talent with the high probability that the Celts will land either Greg Oden or Kevin Durant in this year’s draft, and this season might just be a small hiccup for the NBA’s greatest all-time franchise.

To learn more about the Celtics and Gerald Green’s big night visit http://www.nba.com/celtics/.


One Response to “Onto Green(er) Pastures”

  1. Prof. Hancock Says:

    I can agree with almost everything you said, but comparing anyone, no less an NBA rookie on a crappy team to Larry Legend is, well, sacrilegious.

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